Siegfried & Roy's Magic Box in 3-d

Discussion in 'DVD' started by MikeDE, Nov 17, 2004.

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    Oct 12, 2001
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    I picked this up at Wally-World, not realizing it was being released. It must have been grand in Imax 3-d, but this edition leaves a lot to be desired. You get the usual colored 3-d glasses, and the effects are terrible. I wasn't expecting anything real great, but so much of it is double vision without hardly any depth. If you're a fan of S&R, watch it in the 2-d version. It's a bit uncomfortable now watching Roy play with the tigers, however. Still, it shows some good clips of their act, nice graphics, and it's a different type of bio of the pair. I just wish there was a field sequential version available.

  2. Steve Phillips

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    Jan 18, 2002
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    It's been out in Asia and Germany for some time. The red/blue anaglyph downconversion on the DVD is as you said not so good and nothing like the original IMAX version.

    I didn't realize there was a stateside DVD either; I suppose it is the same anaglyph transfer?

    I hate it when these red/blue versions come out; they always look awful. People always think the movies looked that way from the beginning, which they did not.

    The red/blue junk versions of some of the old 50s classics (CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, etc) have really done harm to the reputation of the film and the 3-D process in general. Lots of people think that those films were actually shot in that horrid red/blue format; instead of the far superior polarized format that they were actually shown in. Bottom line, if you get red/blue glasses for a 3-D movie, don't expect much.

    Forget the S&R disc and see THE POLAR EXPRESS in flawless IMAX 3-D (clear, polarized glasses) instead.
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    I also own the Asian anaglyph release, and sadly must agree there's nothing "magic" about the anaglyph 3-D video presentation. [​IMG] A field-sequential 3-D video version would make a world of difference.

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