Sid & Nancy: CC, Hard Boiled: CC, Dead Ringers: CC, SOTL:CC, + more !!!

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    I have these DVD's for trade. Multiple title trades are preferred.
    Criterions I have: highly prefer other Criterions on my want list for these:
    Sid & Nancy, OOP pending
    Hard Boiled, OOP, mint
    Silence of the Lambs, OOP, sealed
    Robocop: CC, OOP, sealed
    Unbearable Lightness of Being, OOP, sealed
    Dead Ringers, OOP sealed
    The Last Temptation of Christ, mint -
    In The Mood For Love, mint pending
    Other Titles I Have:
    Transformers season 1, mint
    The Ice Storm, mint
    The Others: 2 Disc, alliance version
    Snow White and the seven dwarfs: PE, OOP (Disney)
    A Beautiful Mind, WS, mint
    Animal House: CE OOP
    Al Green: Greatest Hits DVD-Audio - mint
    Peppino D'Agostino: Acoustic Guitar DVD-Audio mint
    Antonio Vivaldi: The 4 Seasons DVD-Audio mint
    Titles that are now gone
    Career Opportunities, mint - traded
    The Shining, New, sealed - traded
    The Man Who Wasn't There - traded
    The Elephant Man, new, sealed - traded
    Almost Famous: Untitled Bootleg Cut, New, sealed - traded
    Thunderball, OOP New, sealed traded
    Traffic: Criterion Collection, (Alliance) mint, viewed once- traded
    Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace, mint traded
    Moulin Rouge: mint traded
    Robocop:CC OOP - traded
    Rushmore:CC - traded
    The Ice Storm mint - traded
    The Royal Tenenbaums, new, sealed - traded
    2 for 1, 3 for 1 on right titles !
    W A N T S, pretty much limited to:
    The Killer:CC
    400 Blows, The: CC
    Beauty and the Beast: CC
    Mon Oncle: CC - pending
    Brazil: CC
    Carnival of Souls: CC pending
    Tokyo Olympiad: CC
    Twin Peaks: Season 1
    Twin Peaks - pending
    Tarzan: CE
    Dream Theater: Metropolis 2000
    Hot Shots
    Hot Shots Part Deux
    Care Bears Movie
    Toy Story Ultimate Toy Box
    Trainspotting, Alliance version - pending
    Kung Pow
    NBA Official 2002 Finals Video - pending
    In The Bedroom
    The New Guy
    Pretty In Pink
    Mr. Deeds
    Spider Man
    Complete Wishlist
    Acquired Titles
    Donnie Darko - got it
    Life of Brian:CC - got it
    Rashomon: CC - got it
    Seven Samurai: CC pending - got it
    Blue Velvet: SE - got it
  2. paul dd

    paul dd Stunt Coordinator

    Jan 4, 2002
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