Sick To My Stomach, Sony XBR Picture Tube

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by MichaelS, May 31, 2002.

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    I purchased a 35XBR48 in May of 98 and the picture tube is gone already. My local repair shop confirmed it for me 30 minutes ago. Now I am sick to my stomach because I'm going to have to drop another chunk of change on a 36 inch TV when I thought this Sony XBR was supposed to be the end all be all and a set that could last as long as 10-15 years.

    Anyways, As you can tell I'm upset with Sony but I am still considering going back with them.

    I have a maximum width of 38 inches width for the opening in my cabinet.

    Which 36 Hi-Def ready TV with flat screen should I look at?

    I have looked at the Toshiba 36HF71 and the Panasonic Tau CT-36HX41 and the Sony HS and XBR.

    Which of these is the one to go with? Does anyone know if Samsung is coming out with a 36 inch this summer or are they sticking with their biggest direct vew set being the 32?

    The way I see it is that if I go with a Sony I better buy one of the current models because the ones that are coming out this summer have cabinets that are over 40 inches wide.

    I also understand that Panasonic is replacing the CT-36HX41 with a CT-36HX42 this summer. Anyone know what changes there might be?

    Thanks for all the advice that you might give.

    p.s. I dont have HDTV in my area, I dont watch ABC, CBS or NBC unless I know there is something on I want to watch. I watch a lot of DVD movies and programming off of my dishnetwork satellite dish.
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    The Sony 36 inchers may be too big for your space.
    They are both about 39 1/8" wide.

    I love my 36XBR450. Sorry about your experience. For peace of mind, I picked up an extended in-home warranty to protect my investement.
  3. alfonso raman

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    If i were you, I would go demo a loewe aconda. they are the best looking image i have seen and the aesthetics are very nice. the price for a 32 in model is 3000-3500

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