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Dana Fillhart

Supporting Actor
Feb 8, 1999
First I must say, thanks Parker for setting this area up! I visit Mavican.nu (a site for Sony Mavica (and other) users) every now and then, but I always wanted a more HTF-related crowd to share my photos.

So, I'm curious to see some really cool or beautiful shots taken. If you can, give some background on the photos, like what time of day, location/environment, camera used, etc. Also, so folks with slower connections don't go insane waiting for the page to load, it might be best to link to the pix instead of putting them inline.

Here are a few of my better shots. I note the camera used in the description.

11 Oct 2003 (sunset), Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine
The day was perfect, unbelievably perfect. Temperature was in the high 70's to low 80's, it was sunny all throughout ... a great Saturday for Columbus Day weekend. I had one of the best days of my life that day, touring the park by myself, taking pictures, and enjoying the beauty of Nature. I had followed the coastline, stopping at several stops to take pictures; I had even hiked and climbed a few hundred feet up one hill just to get some close-up pictures of a boulder "precariously" tilted on the edge of a cliff; I had lunch at one of the island's nicest restaurants; and I decided to finish my day at the peak of the island, 1500 feet up on Cadillac Mountain. The view up there is just tremendous -- the entire Mount Desert Island is laid out in all its beauty, you can see for miles and miles in every direction. I must've taken a couple hundred pictures on that mountaintop alone. Shortly before sunset I strolled over to the west face and sat there in solitude for 45 minutes, watching as the sun slowly sank into the west. Over the last half hour before the light faded, the cliffside did become crowded with photographers of all sorts, setting up tripods all over the place -- you'd think they were waiting for somebody famous. When the light finally faded, everybody clapped -- it was odd, because the people to the south, who had a hill blocking the flat horizon, clapped first, and the sound slowly made its way to where I sat, and then went further to my right. It was a very cool experience.
This is one of the photos I took of that sunset.
Taken with the Sony DSC-V1 at 5mp.

11 Oct 2003 (moonrise), Cadillac Mountain, Acadia National Park, Maine
Well, after the incredible sunset I was about ready to call it a day, but then I realized that it was pretty close to a full moon that night, so I decided to see if I could get a shot of the full moon as it rose above the eastern horizon. As I waited, I saw the neatest thing -- the glow of the moonlight traced a line along the eastern waters. I tried to capture that with a longer exposure, but unfortunately that washed out the details of the moon -- conversely, I tried a shorter exposure, which captured the moon's features but wasn't long enough to capture the water glow. One of these days I'll have to get around to Photoshopping the two together. :)
Taken with the Sony DSC-V1 at 5mp.

15 Aug 2003 (sunset), Orcas Island, Washington
I'm still amazed at the rays of the sun in this one -- this is not touched up in any way. This was another one of those "perfect sunsets" you sometimes see in movies or pictures; I was just lucky enough to catch it. Taken with the Sony DSC-V1; I accidentally had this one set to 3 megapixels instead of 5.

6 Dec 2002 (nighttime), South Plainfield, New Jersey
I saw this nice crescent moon one night, so I took a quick shot on time-delay. The reflection is caused from putting the camera on the hood of my car. Note all that snow -- it was a rough winter!
This one was with my old Sony Mavica CD1000, 2.1mp.

24 Jul 2000, Crater Lake, Oregon
Hmm ... was the White Tree of Gondor emulated from this tree? :) By the way, yes, the water of the lake really IS that blue.
Taken with an older Sony Mavica FD-83 (floppy).

25 Jul 2000 (sunset), Heceta Head, Oregon
One of the eeriest/coolest sunsets I took -- there is fog rolling in, as a layer in the midst of the clouds as well as ON the water; the sun peeks between the clouds and the water/fog.
Also taken with the FD-83.

20 Oct 2001 (daytime), somewhere near Raymondskill Falls, Pennsylvania
Sometimes you just find a field or a lane that's just ... perfectly picturesque. I have no idea who lives back there, but it sure is a very nice lane.
Taken with the Sony Mavica CD1000.

11 Mar 2002 (nighttime), Towers of Light, in Jersey City, New Jersey
Probably the best picture I managed to take of the Towers of Light that were on display in Manhattan shortly before the spring after 9/11.
Taken with the Sony Mavica CD1000.

Ronald Epstein

Senior HTF Member
Jul 3, 1997
Real Name
Ronald Epstein

Absolutely beautiful pics.

Please list your camera. I'm interested
to see what kind of digital camera took those.

Rudi B

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 18, 2002

It's a Nikon D70 with the kit lens... Says so on the series page below each pic, with some technical infos.

And, as usual, it's a bit more important who's behind the camera, not what camera it actually is. :)

Tom Meyer

Second Unit
Feb 11, 1999
too many to list ! All are shot with film with mostly Fuji NPH 400, Tri-X 400 or Velvia 50 with either a Nikon N80, F100 or Holga. Will be getting more digital pics posted now that I have my Nikon D70.

my webshots galleries are at http://community.webshots.com/user/meyer_tom (always looking to pad my webshots 'stats' :) ) but here are some of my favorites ...

New Zealand:
lake angelus

Okarito sunrise

Braemar Station (infrared)

bbq w/ friends:


golden gate bridge at sunrise from Marin:



Namche Bazar

en route to Tengboche

Tengboche & Ama Dablam


en route to Phortse

Turin, Italy:




Dana Fillhart

Supporting Actor
Feb 8, 1999
I get that error as well.

Nice pix, Rudi. I have some pix of my 5-year-old nephew from last year when he was racing his BMX dirtbike in several places (official races; he's pretty amazing -- he's only 6 now but he's ranked expert). High shutter speed really helps on those (I could never master the move-the-camera-as-they-move to get the blurred background and sharp frontal focus).

(PS, doh! I forgot -- thank you too, Ron, for the new area!)

Tom Meyer

Second Unit
Feb 11, 1999
ok ... how about now ?? I thought webshots would let me link directly to the image but apparently not.

Hopefully this will work.


Second Unit
Jun 16, 1999
The following photos were taken with my Canon Powershot S1 IS. I just purchased it about a month ago and I absolutely love it. It's only a 3.2MP, but it has 10x optical zoom, which makes it a very 'fun' camera, and it also has image stabilization for those long zoomed in shots that are hard to hold without shaking. The camera can be manually operated as well with every setting in the book adjustable... or point and shoot. I find the image quality very good and it is all I need for my uses. The largest I ever print out is 8x10 anyways so 3.2MP seems to work fine for me.

Spahat Falls are about 3 hours drive from my town. I had never been here and was pretty surprised at what we found after a short walk. You hike down a path for about 10 minutes and the trees open up into this horseshoe canyon about 600 or 700 feet deep. You are standing at the top of it looking down. It was overcast with just a bit of rain. I guess I should also mention that none of the shots are touched up in anyway.

Spahats Falls Canyon, BC canyon the falls are in

Spahats Falls, BC (435ft tall)

Spahats Falls, BC 10x zoom upper falls

Spahats Falls, BC 10x zoom base of falls

Spahats Falls, BC 5x zoom base of falls

Helmcken Falls are about another 20 minutes drive further than Spahats. Helmcken Falls are 466 feet tall. It is quite incredible here. The falls have, over time, created a cone in the rock and it acts like a big subwoofer :) . You can feel the shaking in the ground as you get closer. The sound rumbles extremely low frequencies throughout the whole valley. In the winter the falls create a base that turns into something resembling a volcano... the water continues to fall all winter long and as it hits the bottom, it explodes outwards and freezes creating a hollowed.. dome.. I guess is what you'd call it. The edges of the cliff also are covered with gleaming white frost from the water spray in the winter. In the spring time, which is when this picture was taken (about 2 weeks ago)... as the water explodes on the bottom some of the water creates such a fine mist that clouds will rise out and continue on up into the sky.
Helmcken Falls, BC

These are just a couple of pictures from a recent family reunion, but I thought they turned out very nice...


Recent trip to Austria and Germany...
Karlskirche Vienna 10x zoom

Strauss Monument Vienna

Quite a few striking photos from a concentration camp we visited. I think these two are beautiful shots.
Mauthausen Concentration Camp Memorial

Mauthausen Tower

Overcast with a slight drizzle in Salzburg and Bertchesgaden.
Salzburg Austria

I took this picture as we were driving back down into the town from a old mountain ski jump training area. We came around the corner and this was the view. You don't leave without taking a picture like this :)...
Bertchesgaden Germany

The following two pictures were taken with a HP620 last year, but I think they hold up quite well considering they came from a 2MP camera:

Seton Lake fire This is at a lake just 2 miles from home. It's getting close to evening time (plus the sun is blotted out) so you can't see the colour of the water, but it's green, it's a glacier lake. I coulda shot myself for not having the camera set to the highest resolution when I took this picture (and many more at the same time). I know it will be a long long time before I see something as awe inspiring as this again.

Neighbour's house fire Woken out of sleep by the crackling of a fire and ran outside to see my neighbours house burning down. I got quite a few spectacular photos from this night... just wish I had had a better camera at the time.

Oh, Dana Fillhart, your Orca Island Sunset is now adorning my desktop, thanks. :)

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