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Apr 30, 2002
Even when adjusting all the settings. Trying to turn off the torch mode, turn the tint down from the 10 year old that made the colors all screwed up, the picture still looks like crap.

I've seen that if you stick with the big 5 brands then you will be fine, but when looking at the DVD image on these TV's, some of them look grainy, even when they are one of the 5.

Once you get it home will it look better? I assume with all the splitting of the signal that the pictures quality will be reduced, but still some of the RPTVs just look horrible. Horrible to the point of how could someone watch tv on these things.


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Jun 27, 1999
I know what you mean!
It really sucks when you finally get the wife to give you the go ahead and take her to the store, and all of the sets look like crap. Then you ask the sales guy why and he gives you some kind of lame excuse, and walks away. If your really serious, ask them to connect a DVD player to the set your interested in, so at least you'll be assured the sets getting a good signal.
I think the TV mfg. need to install some type of "adjustment lock outs" via a password, on their sets (just the floor models) like the PC mfg.s have done so no one can fool around with the TV settings.
Then all the dealer has to do is turn them on when the store opens, and they still look good, which is about all they do anyway! :D

Jason Hammerly

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Oct 28, 1999
That's a good reason to go to a good audio/video store instead of the big box stores. The specialty stores usually do an excellent job of adjusting the set to the room it's displayed in. Sometimes they even run decent specials that are only a couple hundred more than say a Best Buy. Just my $.02. I nearly pulled of getting a 50" widescreen Toshiba just because I took my wife into a nice specialty store and we sat in the room and watched for a bit. Decided against it for now, but I think it definitely helps to get your wife in one og these types of stores. Later.

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