Shout Factory Press Release: The Transformers: Seasons Three and Four

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    [​IMG] THE TRANSFORMERS: SEASONS THREE and FOUR The Final 33 Action-packed Episodes in a 4-DVD Set Featuring the Rarely Seen 3-Episode Fourth Season of THE TRANSFORMERS and a Wealth of Bonus Content EXPLODES ONTO DVD APRIL 20, 2010 FROM SHOUT! FACTORY [​IMG] ’Til All Are One! Following the defeat of the planet-eater known as Unicron and the end of the great Cybertronian War, the victorious Autobots, led by Rodimus Prime, finally reclaim their home world. But when Galvatron is returned to the ranks of power by his exiled Decepticons, his war against the Autobots is revived, and this time it’s fueled by vengeance! Opening with the five-part fan-favorite miniseries “The Five Faces Of Darkness,” The Transformers’ explosive third season follows the valiant Autobots as they’re targeted for destruction by not only their old foes, the Decepticons, but also the mysterious and deadly creators known as the Quintessons! This final 4-DVD set of the megapopular animated series concludes with the rarely seen three-episode fourth season of The Transformers that introduces you to the amazing world of the Headmasters! Bonus Features Include:
    • The Autobots, The Decepticons & The Fans – A look at the loyal fans of The Transformers
    • From the Files of Teletraan-2
    • Rare PSAs
    • Archival Hasbro Toy Commercials
    • Art Gallery
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    Hmm, no mention of the Decepticon magnet. Oh well.

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