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Should I upgrade? Do I really need all these new surround modes? (1 Viewer)

Paul Donovan

May 7, 2002
I have an Angstrom 100 processor, designed by Mike Moffet. It has no video inputs or DTS. Sounds pretty good to me and built like a tank. I also have 2 Citation 7.1 amps, two 7.4 subwoofers, Sony SS-9 speakers, (great sound and bass,) Aerial CC-5 center channel and Citation 7.3 surround speakers. My Sony RPT has 5 video inputs that are easy to switch to. Also I have a separate high end system to listen to records, CDs and 96/24 DVDs so I am primarily interested in a processor for home theater. Obviously 5.1 inputs would be nice to listen to multi-channel music but not essential. Would like to save up money to purchase a HDTV and not spend it on an expensive processor.
I just returned an ADA Rhapsody processor (See ADA thread.) Now I'm wondering do I really need to upgrade and would like your comments in an effort to provoke some discussion on these issues. I will number them to make it easier for you to respond to. Thank you for your input.
1. Do I really need DTS. What percentage of software is issued in this format?
2. Do I really need DPL II? This would seem very nice as it passes all of the signal not just the high end. also the matrixing is better. Is there much of a difference from the original DPL?
3. Do I really need DD Surround -EX, DTS-ES, DTS Neo-6 etc., etc? My understanding is that these only work when there is a flag in the signal.
4. Thinking of buying Parasound CSE 6.1 Center surround Expander. Works with all modes. Also can hook up subwoofer to surround speakers as it has a crossover. Also has ceiling outputs for two more speakers. All for $400.
5. Maybe sell my processor and buy a good used processor like the Citation or something else with DD and DTS and the Parasound unit.
6. Throw in the towel and buy an Outlaw 950 processor. This has a mode similar to the Parasound that I believe works with everything. If I go this route can I use one of the rear channels with a speaker in the center of the rear wall and the other for a ceiling speaker. As the matrix signal is mono, wouldn't this work? Also is there an inexpensive crossover to hook up one of my subs with the surround speakers?


Jan 20, 2001
Would like to save up money to purchase a HDTV and not spend it on an expensive processor.
You're almost there now buddy. :)
Do I really need DTS, DPLII, EX or ES etc.? = NO
Follow your heart to your next purchase. You could possibly enjoy the benefits of a HDTV at this point of your HT more than you would an extra sound feature.
****If you really want to know for sure, see if you can arrange to hear a system with all of those sound features and see if it changes your priorities.
Personally, I took the audio route first in developing my HT system.

Carl Johnson

Senior HTF Member
May 6, 1999
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Carl III
It seems to me that you're satisfied with the current sound so why upgrade? There will always be something bigger, better, and more impressive avalible but why bother when you're already satisfied?

Wayne McRae

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 28, 2000
Welcome Paul,I think #4 is the way to go.The Perfect Vision gave a great review of this unit last month.That way you have the new formats for cheap while keeping the equipment you like.My $3.2 cents Cdn.


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