Should I swap for the Brand New Ones

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    I was very excited to pick up my Monitor 7s, CC 370 an PW 2200 system on staurday. The dealer gave me what I though was a pretty fair deal about 16-17% off (altough I have heard of better their service has always been good). Here was the ting they did not have any of these in the box they would need to wait for the order to come in a couple of weeks. All the components had been used in their listening room (they sell a lot of high end stuff so there were not kids cranking them up like Future shop etc). They told me they had just replaced the old stock on the floor with these and they had 4 hours or less on them.

    They told me I could take tose home and use them until my order came in then bring them back and swap them for new in box. They packed everything back in origional boxes and I took the stuff home. I had to borrow a van to get the sub home. I've bee happy so far and have less break in time.

    The question is is there any benifit at all to me taking these back when the next order comes for fresh out of the box ones. I'd have to get the van againg pack eveything, unpack and set up and then break the new ones in. There seems to be no difference in warranty etc. It's not like they are pulling something over on me I CAN get the new ones if I want.

    Anyone give me a reason I should go through the trouble?
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    If they work and they have no cosmetic flaws I would just keep them, sounds like a lot of hassel.

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