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Should I return the Pioneer Elite DV-45A (1 Viewer)


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Oct 4, 2004
I was look at the universal players available at my local Ultimate Electronics tonight and I picked up a Pioneer Elite 45A model. I also bought the Metallica black album DVD-A.

When I got home and hooked it up, it sounded okay but I was not overly impressed by the sound or video. I did calibrate the DVD player and configure it correctly. I'm using a standard definition 36" Sony Wega.

I've been checking out reviews of this Pioneer and they seem to be mixed. It also scored really low on the secrets shootout.

The other 2 players that I was looking at is the Yamaha DVD-C750 and the Pioneer 578A. Does anybody have any experience with the Yamaha, it sounds promising?

Would I be crazy to return the Pioneer for the Yamaha because I'm seriously considering it ...

Brian L

Senior HTF Member
Jul 8, 1998
Other than the fact that the crossover is too high (about 100 Hz), its a fine audio player. IMHO, the Black Album is not a disc I would use to assess a players sound quality. I always thought the redbook version was one of the more harsh sounding discs I own, and the DVD-A simply takes the harshness, and spreads it around the room. Thats is the one DVD-A out of maybe 30 that I bought that I sold after just two listens.

As for Video, yes its at the bottom of Secrets list, but if you pop in a well authored disc (5th Element Superbit for example) it can look damn good. Its said to have the chroma bug, but try as I might I can't see it.

Being a flag reader, however, it has fits with poorly authored stuff (101 Dalmatians II, the animated version) combs severely.

So, all that said, what did I do? I kept it for audio only duty (with an ICBM to sort out the bass management issues), and bought a Denon 1600 for video duties (in the top 5 all-time at Secrets, IIRC).

If I were doing it all over today, I would maybe look at the Denon 2200 as a single box player, primarily because its said to be good at video, and has proper BM settings.

Some of the other lower cost players still have poorly implemented bass management settings, and unless you get that right, no player will ever sound right.


Martin Rendall

Dec 5, 2000
I have one, and Brian's comments hold true. One general comment: it can work well set to 480i with displays that have good interlacing solutions, such as a Faroudja based projector.

You say you have a "a standard definition 36" Sony Wega". Does that mean it's one of those interlaced only displays? If so, then most of the stuff which Secrets slams it for don't apply to you.


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