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Should I look for DTS-ES & DLP2 in a new receiver? (1 Viewer)

Michael De Costa

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May 8, 2001
After spending months analyzing posts in this forum, I have found myself being hit with one new question after another. When I first started my quest, I was looking simply for a decent quality receiver with DTS. Having recently purchased Direct TV, I soon learned that DPL2 is a feature I should also be looking for to help break 2 channel broadcasts in 5.1. This then caused me to drop my choice of the Denon 3801 and look at the Onkyo 595. I know that the Denon is in a higher quality receiver and is packed with an array of other features, it does not carry DPL2. The Onkyo on the other hand, not only provides DPL2, but also sports about a $500 difference in price that would allow me to get saving for my HD Decoder (my next purchase item). I now read threads about DTS-ES. Is this the new wave of the future? Should my new receiver have both DPL2 and DTS-ES? Just yet another set back in the process of choosing a receiver. Thanks for any advice.....
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Kevin C Brown

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Aug 3, 2000
Yes, and I would also add:
1) THX Surround EX (similiar to DTS-ES *matrix*)
2) DTS-ES *discrete* (theoretically better than both of #1)
3) 5.1 (or better yet 7.1) analog passthrough for SACD/DVD-A compatibility
And then there's a phono stage if you still have a turntable.
24 bit/96 kHz digital input capability.
Etc, etc.

Marty Neudel

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Mar 16, 1999
the first thing to do is to listen to the receivers in the price category you are interested in (preferably in your own home). While DPL-2 and ES-Discrete are desirable features, they are not essential to the enjoyment of home theater. In our mad rush to upgrade to the newest features, we all too often forget the most important quality: how it sounds.
If the set you buy is not the one that sounds best to you, you will soon find yourself disatisfied with it. Before your set is very old (6 mos. to 1 yr) there will be newer technologies emerging that everyon HAS to own. If, on the other hand, you buy the set that sounds best, you will find it much easier to live with, in the long run.
Hopefully, you will find a set that has both the features that you want and the best sound. If not, please consider the above.
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Jul 31, 2000
I totally agree with Marty. Start with the basic sound of the receiver. Be totally satisfied with that, if you can, within your budget. Worry about the DSP bells and whistles after that.
I don't think you can compare the Onkyo 595 with the Denon 3801. Maybe, and I say, maybe with the 696, but I would say closer to the 797 (when it comes out).
The 3802 will have DPL2, along with everything the 3801 has now.
But, as Marty says, listen to it! You may be saving $500 now, and be losing the majority of that in a year when you upgrade to what matters the most - the build and sound quality of the receiver.
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Chip E

Nov 25, 2000
I heard the 3802 is out as of today.... you may want to check it out for yourself... supposedly has all the latest goodies. :)
- Chip

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