Should I go with the Bi-Pole/Di-Pole solution?

Discussion in 'Speakers & Subwoofers' started by Rodon, Jun 30, 2003.

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    I have a 7ch Denon 3802 receiver in a 12X20 room. I have infinity Interlude speakers all around.
    IL 60s in the front (1",4"6 1/2" 12"powered)
    IL 36C center (two 6 1/2", 4", 1")
    IL 40s Rear Surround speakers (1", 4", 8")
    and I already have IL 10s (1", 6 1/2") that I was going to mount for the front surrounds.

    Now Infinity has these Alpha 25es speakers that are Bi-pole/Di-pole (two 1" two 5 1/4") that are the same family of speakers as my Infinity Interludes. I am ready to now install my front surround but am wondering if I should spen the $500 and get the Bi/Di Pole speakers. I don't want to install my wall brackets if I am going to install the Bi-poles later on.

    Any advice??
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    Gregory Bright
    I have the same IL60s and IL36. I'd get the Alpha25s in a heartbeat. They should be an excellent match. I'm currently using Cambridge Soundworks bi/di-pole surrounds and have for several years. I like the ability to change the output to suit the music/movie. The Alphas use essentially the same drivers. Go for it.


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