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should I get a DTS ES discrete receiver?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by david*mt, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. david*mt

    david*mt Second Unit

    Dec 11, 2002
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    I recently purchased the new Onkyo 6.1 speaker system to use with my Yamaha HTR-5560. My Yamaha, is 6.1, but unfortunately lacks DTS-ES discrete processing. It will, however, do DTS-ES matrix. I am just wondering, would I notice a big difference on DTS-ES discrete capable dvds if I upgraded my receiver? I mean, movies such as Gladiator, Blade II, LOTR EE, and Austin Powers: Goldmember sound fantastic with the DTS-ES matrix but I wonder how much better they would sound if my back channel were discrete and not matrixed. Maybe someone could comment on this. By the way, I have been very happy with my Yamaha.
  2. Michael Reuben

    Michael Reuben Studio Mogul

    Feb 12, 1998
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    If you're very happy with your Yamaha, keep it. I always recommend that people save their money until the point where they're dissatisfied with what they have.

    DTS-ES Discrete is nothing special, IMO, and it's still only available on a limited number of titles.

  3. John Garcia

    John Garcia Executive Producer

    Jun 24, 1999
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    There is a slight difference between matrix and discrete, but I don't think that alone is worth an upgrade. Now if you step up to a receiver with more power and better DACs, then the upgrade may be more worth your while.
  4. ChrisWiggles

    ChrisWiggles Producer

    Aug 19, 2002
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    Yeah, if you have matrixed 6.1, which you're gonna be using 99% of the time anyway, with 99% of the performance of discrete, don't worry about it. Upgrading from 5.1 to 6.1 may be worth it, but you're already at 6.1. An upgrade would only be necessary for a better/more powerful reciever, IMO, not just to get discrete. Keep in mind DTS-ES discrete still has to do some processing to cancel out the redundant 6th channel info that is carried in the surrounds for backward compatibility. Theoretically, if the 6th channel info is the same for the matrix and discrete mixes(which they should be), the results will be identical. It's not worth the upgrade just for the ego-trip of having a "discrete" logo on your reciever. You'd get FAR more improvement still with speakers and the like too. The safest way to double your money, is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket. [​IMG]
  5. David Judah

    David Judah Screenwriter

    Feb 11, 1999
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    While the benefits of a discrete channel over a matrixed channel are obvious, like others have said it's not worth upgrading for that one feature, especially considering the limited title availablity. Now if you were going to upgrade your receiver anyways, then it would be worth it, IMO.


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