Should I buy Wonder Woman S.3?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by ScottR, Apr 24, 2006.

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    After reading about all of the alterations on this set, via, I have been hesitant to buy the final season of WW. However, I was the ultimate fan of this show. I guess that is why I have held off...because I love the show so much. I just sent a letter to Warner Bros. letting them know, for the future. So, should I just buy the set?
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    If you're as big a fan of the show as you say you are, the set should already be in your collection. There are a few minor alterations -- and they used to bother me -- but I wouldn't let them be a "deal breaker". The transfers (on all three seasons) are fantastic. The packaging, menus, and extras are all excellent. This completed series is one of the better examples of a great TV-on-DVD overall presentation. So, pick it up and start enjoying. I highly doubt WB will ever make corrections to any of the minor issues with the set.
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    I'm glad I saw this thread as I was wondering the same thing. I really liked the show when it was set during WW 2 and so I bought the 1st release. I then read about the edits to season 2 and 3 and have held off buying them.

    If the edits are very minor,I guess I'll pick up these 2 later seasons as I was truly impressed with the transfer to dvd that was done with the 1st release.It was simply stunning!

    Thanks for helping me to make up my mind! [​IMG]

    (now,the Lost In Space Season 3 release is another dilemma I have to deal with.) [​IMG]

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