Should I buy used or refurbished?

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    Hello all. Been forever since I have posted on here. Anyway Amazon has a pretty good deal going on Denon AVR-991. They have some brand new units and a couple units that are used like new and one unit that is refurbished for less money. In your opinion is it ever worth buying the used like new or refurbished to save some money or should I just shell out the extra and get the brand new unit? Thanks for any help guys!
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    I've bought a couple of refurbs off and several receivers and dvd players off ebay/craigslist/amazon/audiogon over the last couple of years. Never had a problem with any receiver but a couple of dvd players did have some issues. One was packed so poorly that it broke on the trip here. The guy refunded all money payed and didn't even want the item shipped back to him. The other was a loss but I had a feeling something was wrong but took a chance anyway. I blame myself on that one. Ebay's Buyer Protection Program actually works. A refurb with a manufactures warranty is a pretty safe purchase. A used one from anywhere is a gamble. You can wind up with some great values buying used, my Pioneer Elite 94txh/BDP-05/DV58av combo ($2900) is fantastic and only cost me about $750 total, but if you can't afford to lose don't place the bet. Also look at in their Clearance Center. Some are customer returns and some have been serviced but they all come with full factory warranty.
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    I worried about buying a refurbished unit too, until I thought about it. Sometimes a "factory fresh" unit is DOA or has some type of problem.

    I saw a Marantz SR7005 refurb at accessories4less with a $500 savings. That is a big savings. Big enough to make me think about a refurb. Then I realized that A4L is a Marantz authorized dealer. Marantz has a link to them on their own website. That was a big statement to me, so I went for it and I am glad that I did.

    If you go through a factory aurthorized dealer and get a full factory warranty, your risk is significantly reduced.

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