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Should I buy a HDTV? (1 Viewer)

Kevin Porter

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Jan 10, 2002
I'm on the edge of buying a HDTV but I'm yet to be 100% convinced. I'm looking at a Samsung HLN567W DLP. The only time I've seen it is at Tweeter's where it's not properly calibrated. The HD content looks pretty good but the screendoor effect (the pixel thing that's really hard to describe) is really distracting. I've seen some DVDs on it but I'm not exactly blown away by the quality. I don't know how much of all of this is due to the fact that the TV isn't calibrated or because it just doesn't look that good. Tweeter's does have a nice 30 day return policy so I'm tempted to spend the $100 just to see if it looks good in my living room. Does anyone have any experience with this particular model and can anyone give me some advice pertaining to my situation?

Mort Corey

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Nov 21, 2003
Shop around some other places and see if things look the same to your eyes. If they do, it's likely you'll be disappointed with it in your home. DLP may or may not be the technology best suited for your tastes.

I spent close to six months looking at and for a new display and probably made a real pest out of myself at some of the stores......and that's just tough for them....it's your money and lots of it. Take in a DVD you're familiar with....have them show you HD AND SD channels on the unit. If they won't help you in that way at one store I guarantee the next one will. JMO


John S

Senior HTF Member
Nov 4, 2003
Well, it is a fairly top rated display.

DVD performance, is pretty good on them generally.

This is one of the sets, that sort of really shines when fed 480i via component, or better yet DVI/HDMI scaled from the DVD player to 720p. There have been reports that when it's fed 480p, somehow performance suffers, and I'll bet that is exactly what Tweeter fed it too.

The set has top of the line de-interlacing and can out perform most DVD players out there on the progressive scan / de-interlacing, plus it scales everything to 720p anyways.

As far as DLP Rear Projection technology goes, I don't think you can do to much better really.

Calibration actually tends to be pretty good on it, out of the box from what I have read.

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