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Jun-Dai Bates

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Aug 16, 1999
Most well-known filmmakers have, of course, made short films. It strikes me that there would be a market for many of those films on DVD. This is particular to DVD, since it is a format that film fans adore. Can you imagine how happy Polanski fans would be to have a collection of his shorts on DVD with beautiful transfers (though I'm sure the source material is not in great condition). Or Peter Greenaway, or Martin Scorsese (I understand Criterion's working on this one). I think this would be a fabulous way to exploit the DVD medium, with commentary tracks or interviews, and I think that they would sell better now than ever before.
I only mentioned the three directors that I did because I know that they have made short films of some repute. I'm sure there are tons out there that I know nothing about. This is particularly a call to Criterion (or Anchor Bay) or the major studios. I don't think many people will be so interested in a Madacy or Laserlight release of such material. I know I wouldn't.


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Mar 30, 2000
Yes, it seems the short film just isn't taken that seriously, at least by studios. There are a few notable shorts released to DVD: Rohmer's Girl At the Monceau Bakery & Suzannes Career; Resnais's Night and Fog, Campion's A Girl's Own Story, Marker's La Jetee from Warner's Short series.
I'd also like to see Greenaway's shorts collected, as well as Campion's, Brakhage's, Bunuel's, Kieslowski's, etc. I'm not sure what the prospects are of a company like Criterion or Anchor Bay procuring the rights to such material, but it would certainly make a lot of people happy.

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