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Shiva or Tempest (or others) on a SVS tube? (1 Viewer)

Manuel Delaflor

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May 25, 2001
It is very likely that I will buy a SVS in the next few days, and Im thinking that, perhaps in the future, I will want to upgrade. Reading so many good histories about DIY subs, I wonder if one can put a better driver on the SVS enclosure to get even more deep and powerful bass?

(you are probably thinking, why this guy ask this instead of thinking in doing its own sub right from the beggining? and it is because I don't have a clue on how to put together all the elements needed to do a DIY sub).

Is the Shiva unit better than the one on the least expensive subs by SVS? or the Tempest better than their "ultra's" driver?

What about the new Adire drivers with their new X2 (or whatever is called) technology?


Dustin B

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Mar 10, 2001
Both the Tempest and the new driver are 15". I have no idea how you would get them to fit on the 16" tube that an SVS cylinder is. There would be no room for the legs, plus the Shiva is supposed to have at least 3" between it and the base plate and the Tempest should have 3.5".

Displacment wise the Shiva was better than the original SVS driver. But the ISD is reported to be very close to the Vd of the Shiva.

Bottom line not much point. You'd be better off selling the thing whole and going to a higher model than trying to stick something new in it.


Jan 20, 2001
You might want to check with Kyle of Acoustic-Visions.com. Depending where you're located you can get a Tempest based sub incl. the amp for a little more than the price of a SVS 1646+ without the 1,000 watt amp. This would make the need to upgrade a thing of the past because I seriously doubt that you would feel the need to upgrade anymore unless you are into ungodly bass levels and not real world bass levels.
For the price of the parts and materials and if you have the skills to build it yourself, it can't be beat. However, if you don't have the skills nor area to build one yourself, the savings aren't as dramatic as if you built it yourself but you still save a lot of dough if you have Acoustic Visions build it for you.
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Jack Gilvey

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Mar 13, 1999
Same answer as the other "retrofit" questions...the SVS design is optimized for the particular driver used and an improvement is unlikely regardless of whether the new driver is "better" on an absolute basis.

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