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    Nov 12, 2000
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    OK, planned project for a first DIY project so far is:
    Shiva II in a 127L box, tuned to 19-20Hz.
    nOrh LE monoblock, [email protected], which will almost double into 4ohm.
    ESP 4th order active xover and PS at
    When I plot this in LSPCAD, everything looks good except the impedance graph worries me. There are massive peaks at 35 and 11Hz, of around 60ohms. Is this normal, or is it a problem?
    It will be for music 90% of the time.
    Is the above sub OK?
    Basically I am aiming for about the most flexible sub possible. By buying all seperate components, I can minimise risk, which is VERY important for me in a first DIY project. The active x-over can be easily altered by changing
    resistors, I can seal the sub by plugging the port, and the LE amp is just a simple power amp..hopefully it is as a good an amp as it is cracked up to be. Total cost will be around $400. I am a student, so this a A LOT of money.
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    The peaks are normal and won't affect anything. You should be 'good to go' with that setup. Good luck!
    Mark Hayenga
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