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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Bonnie*F, Jun 11, 2006.

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    First of all, if this is the wrong place, please, Mr. Moderator, move it and let me know where it went.

    Second, My family is in the process of moving. Unfortunately, the contents of our house will be packed up and placed in storage for 6-18 months while the house is sold and contents shipped to the other side of the country and a new place is found. There's alot more to the story but I won't bore you.
    That means the DVD collection is going into storage with the furniture, etc. Currently planning on loading up a POD which will likely be stored inside a warehouse and then shipped.

    So any suggestions? They're going to be staying in their current boxes - Amarays or such - but cardboard boxes or plastic totes? Line the cardboard boxes with plastic to prevent water damage or will that possibly create condensation damage? Papertowels between each item or what?

    Currently I have just over 500 DVD's but that sale-that-is-not-spoken-of happened and I have to pick up a DVD... or 12. *grin*

    Thanks for all your help!

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    I moved about 1000 of them a few yeaers ago, and all of them arrived in perfect condition. I just put them in cartons, without much thought at all, except that they stayed vertical. Sometimes after you fill a carton up with household stuff you end up with a few inches left, and that's what I did. Don't fill up a carton full of books, just fill it halfway up and put your DVD's on the top half of the carton.

    Don't put more than 50 in a carton - they can get heavy. I checked the cartons just before I sealed them up too, to check for balance and general weight.

    I had most of mine in storage for about a year. Good luck on your move.


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