Shipping of large speakers.

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  1. Len Cheong

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    Mar 18, 2000
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    Has anybody bought large main speakers and had it shipped via ups? By large, I mean floorstanding speakers. What if each speaker weighs upwards of 60 lbs, what shipment methods are there?
  2. Jon_B

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    Nov 27, 2000
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    I had mine shipped via ups. They are fairly large. 6'4" tall, 100lbs each. They were shipped in four different boxes. The shipping was included in the msrp. I was very nervous about them being shipped from Canada. But they made it okay. I was sure to be home to help the UPS guy carry it in.

  3. Brett DiMichele

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    Sep 30, 2001
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    I bought my AR9's from BPAV and they shipped them from Ohio
    to PA via UPS Ground. The weight per speaker was 65 Lbs and
    Shipping was $83.00 for the pair. They were shipped in the
    original AR Boxes (Not double boxed) I don't know how other
    speaker companies pack thier towers but AR had cellular
    foam cradles fitted to both ends of the speaker cabinents
    that were at least 5" thick. And the cabinents were in plastic
    bags and there were peanuts all the way around.
    Of course the UPS man didn't want to carry them down to the
    house.. I wound up doing that.. And wouldn't you know it..
    My Onkyo DS787 came the same day and that was a damn near
    50 LB package.. The UPS man said I must be building a hell
    of a stereo system.. I said no.. Home Theater! [​IMG]
    Generaly speaking, I think a respectable company will package
    thier speakers well. There probably is no reason for additional
    packaging to be added by the retailer. Of course this is also
    the WORST time to have anything delivered by UPS... Lots of
    damaged packages near Christmast time..

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