Sharpness too high, need help.

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    I'm running a Denon 2800 MK2 through a Panasonic PT AE100 Projector with a Progressive signal, all the picture controls are tweakable up and down except sharpness, it starts at "0" and won't go any lower, is there anyway round this ?
    If it's through Composite Video the sharpness can be turned down.
    On the Avia sharpness test it doesn't quite get it low enough.
    When playing disc's that are generally free of Edge Enhancement (X-Men, Blade and Fast and the Furious) the lines are still pronounced.
    My player also has the sharpness turned right down but I still have double outlines around objects.

    I thought it could be my cables but I tried some different really big gold plated cables but with no difference in picture.

    Is there any sort of video signal altering device that could be plugged in between the player and the projector ?

    Would a Panasonic engineer be able to adjust the minimum setting on the projector or is it just the projector being pushed too far ?

    Thanks for any help.
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    I have no experience with your particular equipment, but look for a VSM (Velocity Scan Modulation) adjustment. If you find one, turn it off... it's basically on-the-fly edge enhancement, and is frequently available as an adjustment separate from sharpness. Many devices are set with this on by default.


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