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    Today's has two articles about an improved DLP projector technology from TI that is being incorporated into a projector by Sharp that will be available to the public this month. Apparently this new projector includes a new version of the DMD chip made by TI which provides a high-def signal and a color wheel that spins at five times normal speed to eliminate color artifacts. There are also supposedly some other advancements in contrast ratio, etc.
    I don't honestly know if this is news to anyone (I haven't really kept up on FP technology but I'm now starting to learn more about it). However, I'd be curious to hear people's thoughts on this "new" technology. Does anyone think this may reduce or eliminate some of the problems I've seen posted about current DLP projectors? Could this make DLP the way to go for FP?
    Here are the links to the two articles:
    Comments anyone?
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    Hi Scott,
    If you want to find out more, you might go visit avsforum(s?).com.
    The DLP forum has much info and discussion about these kinds of projectors and related matter.
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    Yes, this projector is a BIG deal. There have been many comparably priced projectors (well between $5000 and $10000) trying to position for the perfect bang-for-the-buck front projector on a budget. When I say budget I mean "under $10,000". I realize that's not normally a budget figure but in front projector land where a top-notch CRT can cost you as much as BMW, it's pretty good!
    There are three 16x9 native aspect ratio projectors that are getting a buzz lately. Two are LCD projectors: Sanyo 60 and the Sony 11 HT. Of these two the Sanyo is the only one yet available and is widely regarded as superior to the former 16x9 LCD king of the hill...the Sony 10HT. The third digital projector that's getting A LOT of attention is this Sharp.
    The Sony 11HT is about to debut at a pretty demanding list price of around $7000-8000. That puts it pretty close to this new Sharp DLP. We're all hoping that when calibrated this new Sony will really be something special. Still waiting for any "real" reviews!
    DLP has two real advantages over the LCD:
    1. You can sit closer and not be distracted by the "screen door" effect.
    2. You can get something that starts to look like real black (at least you can on this sharp which does some new things with the DMD device).
    Definitely do yourself a favor and check out the buzz over at But thanks for posting this over here too. I try to post something projector-related over here every now and then. Why should the avs forum get all the projector fun?
    IMO it's important for HT enthusiasts to start to read about projectors and hear testimonials from those who have them. For the same price of a decent HDTV you can get a reasonable projector...either DLP or LCD. If you can darken your room you owe it to yourself to go with a front-projection HDTV can come close to the impact of that big screen! And with projectors that display native 720P 16x9 HDTV're not loosing anything either.
    I saw HDTV on a friend's Sony 10HT. I have NEVER seen this level of clarity and detail on ANY or RP. It was simply window-like.
    Those of you out there reading this thread with interest please take this seriously. If you haven't seen more about projectors it's only because most shops don't bother selling them because they require more know-how to set-up and install...or in the case of LCD and DLP projectors (which are basically plug and play), they need to be properly calibrated before they look good for HT and we all know how few dealers know how to do that.
    This Sharp should be a winner. Any of you thinking of setting up a HT in a basement or room that can be made dark should wait on that HDTV purchase and get to a showroom where this sharp is on display and check it out. Bring a copy of video essentials to calibrate it if you must!
    -dave [​IMG]
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    TV & Projectors Forum .. definitely.
    The things we own end up owning us

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