Sharp XG-E1000U Questions

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    Hey all,
    Its been a while since Ive posted last, in fact a few months. Here's the deal, I am only 18 but still have that fire to experience movies and games to their fullest. I got sucked in to buying one of those fresnel lenses on ebay to try and make my tv a projector. That project failed miserably. Now that I have a decent paying summer job I decided to buy a real projector but still a cheap one. While searching online I ran across a Sharp XG-E1000U projector. For $425 bucks plus shipping a 600 lumen projector is not that bad. I do have some questions however.
    1. The supposed image size goes up to 500". That is huge for most projectors, what makes this projector special? Does this mean if I only project to 100", still huge by my standards, that the picture quality will be brilliant?
    2. When speaking to the owner he said that it has every input I can imagine and even more than some new ones. So I decided to purchase it. The money is already on its way. Recently I found more pictures of it on the web and I noticed one thing. There are the red and white inputs for audio but no yellow input for the video portion. How can I hook up a VCR to the projector?
    My AOL screen name is BigGaluut. Anyone experienced in projectors or home theaters is welcome to IM me. I would love to just sit down and start talking about this stuff and begin learning more. You can also email me at [email protected] Thanks ahead of time. Matt
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    Neil Joseph
    It would greatly surprise me if there was no RCA (composite) video connector available. This is the most basic of connections. It must be there. There is not a whole lot of info about this unit. I know that it is VGA and 650 al.
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    Hey Matthew,
    Being 29 myself, I went through the same travels that you are experiencing, taping cardboard or whatever around a tv with a damn lense, painting stuff black, yeah, yeah.
    Well, I recently made the same dive you did, I purchased a Sharp XVhH37vua off a guy on ebay for $650 including one new bulb and one used one with about 700 hours left on it. Unfortunately for him he sold it as an XV-H37, which is a far cry from what he had with an internal line doubler and such. The thing is incredible. I did extensive research on this stuff before buying.
    I agree that there must be at least one video input, but in my research the XG-E1000U was more oriented toward computers. Here is a site you can check
    Worst case scenario is using a computer with DVD player to watch movies. The trade off is being able to play computer games on it.
    By looking at the site above, it has manual focus and no zoom capabilities. So basically you have to find a fixed point and then focus it. That is why you can blow it up to 500". But you would have to be 500' away to enjoy it (sic).
    The screen door effect and pixelation would be difficult to bear.
    Good luck!!

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