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Luis Esp

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May 25, 2001
I am truly disappointed with the customer service for IBM Canada. Exactly 2 weeks I purchased the NetVista 40U package that includes WindowsMe. The package itself, I have no major complaints, although I can't seem to get DirectX 8.0a to work properly, but when I called customer service regarding WindowsXP, they told me that I will not be receiving "my" copy because Microsoft authorized the number of computers that could be installed with XP, and if they were to give me a copy, it would terminate the warranty that came with my computer.
What a load of b.s. I told them that they certainly had no qualms taking my money for the computer, but now they expect me to dish out another set of cash for an upgrade.
I am considering getting a refund for this computer and purchasing an AMD based computer, from another retailer.
My cousing picked up a GateWay, 1.2Ghz AMD Athlon computer from Costco, reg. $2300 for $1600, and in certain aspects, I find that it runs better than my Pentium 4, 1.4Ghz. Sure, my package included a printer and a selection of software, but she got a dvd player with her computer.
I welcome any suggestions on what action to take with this situation.
Forgive me, I needed to vent :)

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