Shafted by ALLSAT/Part 2

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    Originally posted last week (3-22-02)
    Wow, what a sour experience with these people. I purchased a receiver and dish package from ALLSAT. The contract stipulated that I activate the primary system within 21 days of the ship date. My first appointment with the installer (within the 21-day limit) was canceled that day due to a snowstorm. My second appointment for installation was cancelled by the installer due to a traffic accident. On my third attempt, just outside the 21-day deadline, the installer successfully set up the system. Shortly after I get a letter from ALLSAT saying I have been charged a $75 late fee regarding the installation. I tell them my story and they say tough luck. Well, they've lost my business as a return customer and I certainly won't be recommending them to any of my friends.
    UPDATE: Part 2 (3-26-02)
    Well, fellow HT enthusiasts, here's the next chapter of this story…
    Yesterday, I received a letter from the head of ALLSAT informing me that my credit card had been charged an additional $220 bringing the total "late fee" charge to $295 (which is the regular and complete "late fee" charge). This after having received the first ALLSAT letter charging me the first extra $75…and then my telephone conversation with ALLSAT, with him having acknowledged (in his words) that I, "was ONLY going to be charged $75." All this…after taking the time to explain to the gentleman from ALLSAT, that after two canceled appointments (for free installation with a certificate) from the installer, my family finally got it in on the third attempt. ALLSAT chose NOT to work with me on this.
    A shakedown with a dose of mean-spiritness from ALLSAT? For me, clearly one of the worse retail experiences I've had to deal with.
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    AllSAT needs to be slapped with 4 day old mackrels! I'd contest these charges via my credit card copany if this happened to me. What in the world are these additional charges? Good luck on this!

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