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Sgt. Pepper Review, please (when & if it becomes available) (1 Viewer)


Stunt Coordinator
Apr 1, 2002
Real Name
James Garner
Since Universal's seen fit to give you guys screener DVDs again, I wonder if someone could see fit so review "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (With Screenshots!) if & when it becomes available for review. I've been ANXIOUSLY waiting for this title ever since Universal started doing DVDs. At one point, I was worried that the film fell victim to the dreaded "Rights Issues" clause, making the movie unreleasable on DVD (although someone found a way to release it legally in Brazil, but in 1.33) . Im also jubilant for its release because this is the first time in its 25-year-old video history (It was one of the very first MCA Discovision titles) that it will be released in its original 2.35 Panavision Ratio. (I still wonder if the movie's maligned reputation is partly because of the film being so badly pan-and-scanned from its many showings on cable, video, etc.) All I ask is that you review the movie on its own terms & merits & not those of the original Beatles album. Thanks
Oh, yeah. I Almost forgot. Does anyone know which Dolby Digital configuration "Pepper" Will Get? The Movie was released in 70MM 6-Channel Dolby analog Stereo, but Universal usually releases Their multichannel Musicals (Xanadu, The Wiz, Sweet Charity, Jesus Christ Superstar, etc) in either 4.0 or 4.1. I would love to see "Pepper" at least get a 4.0 treatment, Especially since Universal saw fit to restore the .1 sensurround audio on "Rollercoaster," "Midway," & the theatrical version of "Battlestar Galatica"

Scott Leopold

Supporting Actor
Nov 21, 2001
Oh my gosh! I didn't even realize this was coming out. I remember seeing it as a kid, but I haven't seen it since, although I used to own the soundtrack on tape. This is one I'll definitely have to pick up, if for nothing else than nostalgia's sake.

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