SG1 new episodes when / ending the series ?

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  1. Mike Soltis

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    This Friday (9/7) - New episode
    Saturday (9/8) - repeats of all this season's episodes except for Friday's followed by another new episode.
    Then reruns. Seems to me last season started in August, and ran a few months, then more new episodes in January/February ? ? ?
    With the way the series is going, seems like they are heading towards a series finale to wrap the show up nicely.
    What are other thoughts?
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  2. Glenn Overholt

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    This season (5) started on June 29th. Yes, the 7th is the last new episode for awhile, but not that long. I think they pick up again in mid-October, and run in spurts through the rest of the year.
    As for the wrap-up, it is moving to Sci-Fi for season (6), so there shouldn't be any (But I personally think it would be neat if they did end it. Then Sci-Fi would get stuck!) [​IMG]

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