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    I'm not sure if this is the correct forum for this topic, but I'll give it a shot. [​IMG]
    I'm planning on replacing my old Pioneer receiver and CV floor standing speakers. I'm going for a nice HT setup and music won't be such a primary part. This setup will be in my little bitty bedroom. It's about 11' x 10'. Here is what I am thinking:
    Television: Sony 27" FD Trinitron WEGA (Already bought this)
    Receiver: Denon AVR-1803
    Front Speakers: Paradigm Monitor 5
    Center Channel: Paradigm CC-370
    Rear Speakers: Paradigm ADP-370
    Subwoofer: Paradigm PW-2200
    As for a DVD Player and CD player. I'm not real sure yet. I'm not a huge movie guy and don't seem to listen to music as much on my home stereo as I do elsewhere. So these items aren't a big issue at the moment. Most of my HT's use will be via video games. I own a PS2 and a CameCube at the moment and probably an Xbox sometime next year. So I'd like to make good use of Component and S-Video cables, Optical Digital inputs, and things of that nature. Does this setup seem to compliment each other? Will the Denon supply enough power to the speakers? Does anyone disagree with my plans? And if so, please feel free to drop suggestions. Thanks a million!
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    Lee, it really is kind of hard to decide where this post belongs. For now I am putting it in A/V Sources, as you are asking if the Denon 1803 possesses enough juice to power those Paradigms. The answer to that would be "yes."

    As for your overall project, it appears you want an all-out bells-and-whistles gaming system as opposed to a home-theater system.

    So, you're not that interested in films and music?

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