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    Over the weekend, I finally had my 57H81 delivered. I will not be able to do the AVIA settings for at least a week or so, and am looking for some average setting to run my TV at until then. I have completed the 9 point convergence but have yet to do the 56 point one. So far the picture is decent but once calibrated, I know that the picture will improve to an even greater level. Any advice on these settings?
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    Start in Movie Mode to disable SVM
    Contrast: 35-40, or use ALS
    Brightness: 55-60
    Color: 52
    Tint: -12
    Sharpness: 30
    Fleshtone: Off
    DNR: Auto
    Temp: Medium
    These are remarkably constant/similar with the H81 model sets. HX81 require slightly higher contrast and brightness.
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