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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Lee-M, Dec 22, 2005.

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    (I posted this in the huge Fellowship thread in the Movies section, but it seems more appropriate here):

    I got the Fellowship Complete Recordings today; I'm just curious about the DVD, and the best settings on my HT processor to get the best sound from this.

    The choices are DVD-Audio Surround or DVD-Audio Stereo. When I choose the surround option, my Anthem AVM-20 defaults to Dolby Pro-Logic 2x, from which I can cycle through quite a few of the DSP options (the Pro Logic options, the Anthem Logic, stereo, and all the other little goodies that the Anthem features).

    I'm surprised that this is not tagged, and recognized by the Anthem, as Dolby Digital 5.1.

    Am I just supposed to pick whichever DSP I like the sound of, or is there another option for which I am just not set up? My DVD player tells me that the signal is 6-channel PCM, with 4824. It is a Panny RP82; it sports superior video, but I usually let my Anthem's DAC do the dirty work, using the Digital-Out from the DVD player.

    I'd like to come as close as possible to what the composer and recording engineers intended; I'm just not sure at this point what setting(s) that is going to require...
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    Lee, DVD-Audio is a separate scheme; it's not Dolby Digital. It's a hi-rez sound format similar to SACD.

    To enjoy it, your DVD player must support DVD-Audio, and you must have 6 analog cables running from your player to your amp. The DVD-Audio signal won't be sent through a digital output.

    If your player doesn't suport DVD-Audio, the next best thing would be DTS or Dolby if the disc has those options, and those would go through the digital output and should be recognized by your amp.

    Do a search on this forum for DVD-Audio or DVD-A for more info about the cables, etc.

    Good luck,
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    I think this would be more appropriate in the thread about this release in the Music section, in fact.
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    As Doug wrote, it sounds like you are using the digital output on your DVD player to the Anthem.

    To hear the hi-res surround with the Anthem (I have one, too), you need to use the direct 6-channel analog input on the Anthem, assuming your DVD supports this and has a 6 channel output. This will bypass any digital processing. DVD-Audio (hi-res) is not passed through the digital output of your DVD player without down-sampling to a pro-logic-type output, hence, the Anthem kicking into Anthem Music mode.

    Good luck.

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