Setting up to sell on ebay, how do you do it?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Stan, Sep 28, 2012.

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    Don't mean to clog the forum with more entries, but when I did a search, came up with over 9,000 entries, after scrolling through 100 or so, most quite old, just decided to ask a question I'm quite sure was asked before.
    How do you set up an ebay account, become a seller, set up a web page, etc.?
    I've never sold on ebay before, bought things, but I think the last item was over ten years ago.
    A neighbor knows I'm good with computers and he wants to start selling stuff. He's a painter with over 500 paintings he'd like to clear out, also inherited his brother's estate so lots of other items.
    I know they have tutorials and you can test how a web page will look, but is there an easier, quickie way to set something up without spending hours and hours learning their system, Pay-Pal, what do you charge for shipping, etc. I'd like to just build him a basic template where he can change the description and photos but don't have time to put a lot of effort into it.
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    The first problem here will be with selling limits. Unless you "host" for him, you can only start selling 100 items or $5000/month.
    I've been on it long enough I have a 180 item $15,000/month limit.
    The limit works two ways...
    You can only "list" that much per month. As you actually sell, your limit is reduced per item sold. So his "500 paintings" are going to pose a problem.
    I sortof did an end around, as I have three ID for Ebay. Even though each is on a separate email, Ebay tracks IP so they can catch shill bidding. When I created my third one, I had to have a live person call to confirm it.
    But only one of my ID has the limit expressed above. The other two are at the base limit. But I separate the three for "to actually make money", personal stuff I get rid of and sales for other people.

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