Setting up my 1st home theater!! Please help...

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by David-C, Jun 17, 2005.

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    Looking for advice as I piece together all this new equipment I've accumulated over the last 12 months:

    Samsung 56" DLP (HLN567W)
    Samsung 841 DVD (upleveling DVD to HD is a myth)
    Motorola HDTC DVR (Comcast)
    HK AVR7200
    JBL E30 (Front speakers)
    JBL EC35 (Center speaker)
    JBL SC6C (Rear speakers)
    Velodyne VRP1200

    Here is what my plan -

    1) Connect Motorola STB to TV using DVI and analog audio cables (red & white). For normal TV watching, I don't want to turn on the AVR7200... just run audio through the DLP.

    2) Connect Motorola STB to AVR7200 for audio only using optical cable (no video connection since AVR7200 has no DVI). I figure I need to do this to enjoy the 5.1 surround sound that HDTV programming provides.

    3) Connect Samsung 841 DVD player to AVR7200 using componant video cables and optical audio. I know this DVD player should use a DVI connection for the upscaling it can do. But I have tested it both ways and I think the upscaling is a myth. Looks the same to me both ways. I'm kind of sorry I fell for this gimik and waisted $200 on a DVD player that should have cost me < $100. I'm using my one and only DVI port on the TV for the STB. Also, I am hoping this DVD player will play audio CDs effectively.

    4) Connect AVR7200 to DLP using componant video cables. This will feed my DVD video from the receiver to the TV. No need to send DVD audio over to the TV since when I watch movies, it will be using the receiver and 5.1 for sound.

    5) Connect AVR7200 to 5 speakers using normal speaker wire.

    6) Connect AVR7200 to Velo sub using subwoofer cable and Y-splitter.

    Some of my questions:

    - Does this all sound right? Am I missing something?

    - Can the AVR7200 take video that comes in on composit (e.g. video camera or PS2 hooked up to front of receiver) and send it to DLP over the componant video hook up? Or do I also need to run a comosit video line from AVR to DLP?

    Thanks for your help!
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    David - you sound like you have selected some well respected equipment and dont need any real advice. [​IMG] (I hoped we helped with some of your selection and setup knowledge.)

    I'll try to answer your one issue:

    Not really. But that television has a Faroudja chip that tends to take a component feed and de-interlace it and do some processing so it looks fantastic. People with good progressive-scan DVD players have said the picture actually looks better sending the TV the standard/non-progressive video signal. So I am not suprised you did not notice much improvement with a up-scale. That television does a heck of a job with 480i signals. (I bought a Samsung DLP after much study so I think it's a good choice :b )

    Dont forget a Radio Shack SPL meter to level-adjust the speakers and perhaps a copy of Digital video Essentials or Avia to help adjust the screen and audio - and you have all the stuff.

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