Setting up Harman Kardon AVR247 remote?

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Jlloyd, Sep 5, 2012.

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    I have recently installed an HK AVR 247 receiver with surround sound and connected TV, DVD and (comcast) cable box. All is well, EXCEPT for the following:
    1. The only buttons on the remote unit for the HK AVR247 which appear to work are the source buttons near the top of the unit (HDMI 1, DVD, VID 1 etc). None of the others have any impact - volume, channel...even the power on/off!. Any ideas? (Batteries are fresh and the receiver visibly picks up the signal).
    2. I cannot control any of the connected devices through the HK remote unit once I select them....and need to operate each of them with their own, original remote control units - the TV, DVD and cable box - how do I get the HK remote to take over control?
    Final question if anyone can help - can I connect my pc to the HK receiver to then run and control Netflix streaming onto my TV? My pc has no HDMI port so I am not sure how I can connect it (I think the RS-232 serial port is data only?)
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    Page 58 of your owners manual...
    Then page 68-73
    The receiver has HDMI upconversion, so you could use this for the video... (or similar to take VGA to component)
    Since the receiver only has two HDMI, and I assume you are using both...

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