Setting up a wireless network, want to verify parts needed

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Justin Ward, Feb 13, 2004.

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    Hi everyone, we're looking at a wireless network for our home. Currently we only have dial-up internet (for now) but we would like to share it anyway (yes I know it would be unbearably slow), but more imporantly we want file and printer sharing.

    We have two computers:
    One is a P3 600 desktop system with 256 MB of RAM and a 20 and 60GB hard drives.

    Our new one is a celeron 2.53Ghz notebook with 256 BM ram and 40GB HD. We would like to get parts availible at Staples (we have one locally). I was browsing these sites and found the components think we need:

    card for laptop

    card for desktop

    Are these the only components needed? Is a base station only to extend the range?

    Also, our laptop is a Dell Inspiron, is it likely to have a free slot to put the card in? If not, would a USB adaptor be an ok alternative?
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    What OS are you running?

    In theory in order to share the internet all you need are wireless adapters for the computers.

    You would simply set up a wireless connection between the two computers and then one of them would dial out to the net and that computer would share its internet connection with the other. Naturally the computer that is host will always have to be on and connected in order to share the connection.

    In order to share the printer you will need to direct connect it to one of the computers and share the device with the other. Just as with the internet connection, the computer that is sharing the printer will always have to be turned on in order for the other computer to use the printer.

    I've actually never done any of this because I have a traditional wired network with a wireless AP but that the above should work.

    Then when you are ready to upgrade to broadband you'll probably want to add an AP to share the connection.
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    A phone not connected to your internet access, the toll free 800 support number for your router, and asperin.

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