Setting up a denon avr1912

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    I purchased a denon avr1912 about 18 months ago, only used it for internet radio and music , anyway I have taken the plunge and got some better speakers, however I cant get the TV to playback thought the unit, if I put the HDMI cable direct from the Sky box (as tv not arc compatible) Optical connected from sky box to sat input onAVR) I get sound but no picture, But if I have the HDMI cable from the AVR to the TV and also the Optical cable to TV then nothing. Im following all the instructions in the manual and have trebled checked (And more) So how is this thing meant to be connected up? to clarify the TV HDMI Cable goes to HDMI in on the Denon and the
    HDMI in on the TV as said the Denon is seeing it fine as I can get Internet Radio and Setup on the TV but no Sat I don't have a TV Aerial. I have tried the HDMI setup changing from Amp to TV but to no avail, appreciate any advice..

    I have just connected up the Sat Box to the TV via a Scart socket and now have a picture!!!
    and sound via the optical cable, however do I still get HD TV with a scart connection?
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    Sources -> AVR -> TV, that is the setup.Two HDMI cables...and done.

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