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Discussion in 'Displays' started by Dave Koch, Nov 18, 2003.

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    Toss up on whether this belonged in Tweaking or here- figured here.

    I have a Sony GWIII LCD projection.

    I am having problems setting up the Picture (or white) levels, and was hoping for some advice. I use the DVE, and the THX Optimizer

    Setting up the levels for contrast are pretty easy, just dip it down until the one black matches the other. I am pretty sure I have that right. But THX just says to set the whites so you see 4 disticnt white boxes. Well, with this TV, the whoile range from top to bottom of Picture" shows 4 distinct boxes, none with bleeding.

    I have set it based on whete I "think" white should be, about 1/8 the way down from the top.

    I am just pretty sure I do not have things right. To me, the blacks look "crushed"- black levels below a scertain point seem to fall off rapidly. Also, even though I have contrast set correctly (I match the black levels, and I CAN see the 2.5 and 5% blacks!), in practice, I think this is set to low. Example: beginning of SW:AotC, with the ships streaming in to Courasant... noit a whole lot of stars. I bump the contrast up a bit (which does not agree with THX or DVE), and suddenly I see 3-4 times as many stars. Resetting contrast and changing Picture does NOT givve me these stars.

    OK, I know it is hard to diagnose via posts, but any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    You want to calibrate white level so that white juuuust appears white, and no longer a shade of gray. Also keep in mind that white and black level interact, so you will have to go back and forth a bit to get things right on.

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