Setting ip a network, help please!?

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    Hey all, In the next couple months I'm looking at finally getting Cable internet. I'm planning on sharing the connection between the two family computers, one of them is a Mac and one of them is a PC running Windows 98 SE. The PC has USB and the mac doesn't but the PC doesn't have an ethernet port but the Mac does. In order to start a network between these computers and share the cable connection, what special equipment will I need and how will it need to all be hooked up. Any help or input would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Edit:I noticed the typo in my topic subject, mods could you please change that? thanks.
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    Here's what you need to do.

    (A) Confirm that your modem does USB, Ethernet, or both.

    (B) Get a broadband router with at least four Ethernet ports that supports the modem. If the modem is USB, get a broadband router that does USB. If the modem supports Ethernet, just about any broadband router will work.

    (C) Get an Ethernet card for your PC.

    Let the broadband router handle the connection to the Internet.

    It has a firewall that will prevent incoming hacker attempts without needing to burden your PC with firewall software or connection sharing crap.

    It will also handle PPPoE if you need it.

    Finally, it has a built-in DHCP/NAT function that will automatically assign IP addresses to both your PC and your MAC so that you don't have to worry about manual IP configuration.

    This configuration is the easiest and just about the most secure setup that you can have. No headaches; no hackers; no Internet Connection Sharing.

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