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    Moved this from HT build forum. JK


    First, let me say I'm excited to have discovered this forum. It looks like a real great place to exchange ideas/information on Home Theater in an adult way. I have done a lot of research and listening to maximize the quality vs cost of this system.

    To that end, I would like comments/suggestions/advice on the HT I'm putting together from people who have more experience (this is my 1st HT). I have settled on wanting a 6.1 system, and am looking to spend between $1200 to $1500. The HT will be in a 12 X 20 room in a house built in the 1920s (plaster walls).

    I have the following speakers purchased for my HT
    Fronts: JBL S38II
    Surronds: JBL N24II
    Center: JBL N-CenterII
    Back Center (for 6.1 setup)JBL N-CenterI

    Subwoofer: Undecided, leaning towards Sony SAWM40 or Acoustic Research S108PS or JBL PB10

    A/V Receiver: Seriously leaning towards Yamaha HTR-5560, also considering Onkyo TXSR600 or Sony 6.1 (part # eludes me right now).

    I would welcome any comments, suggestions or advice on the decisions left to be made. Thanks.
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    Greetings Jeff, and welcome to the forum!

    Almost every imaginable model of product has been discussed at length here in the basics area and in our larger hardware areas. I'd start by doing a search on the whatever products you might have in mind-- and you'll probably find a dozen posts which compare it to other systems... which will give you some other ideas (and probably tell you how they compare directly).

    Most threads mention similar models-- which can spawn some additional searches which might give you some additional options. With a few days of reading you should be able to figure out what the biggest values in your price point are (and probably the places to find them the cheapest), and what major gripes current owners have with their system.

    It's always best to do some research on your own and narrow yourself down to specific questions before coming to the forum for advice. It helps us focus on your question a little easier, and gives a better opportunity for you to get specific help!

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    With S38s as mains, I would highly recommend the S-center over the N-center for the front. The rears should be OK.

    Skip the Sony DE line. I would also consider Marantz, Harman Kardon, and Denon in the same price range. Don't compare paper specs, go listen to them.

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