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Service problem with BENQ .... my experience so far! (1 Viewer)


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May 7, 1999
I wonder who else has had problems with service with Benq and how it was resolved.

Here is my ongoing service horror story.

My Benq PB6100 was getting very dusty, and I was just under the 1 year "we pay shipping both ways" thing so I figured I'd send it back to get cleaned.

They offered 3 different ways to deal with a repair

1. Q-return ...I put the price of a new unit on my Visa and I would receive a unit in 2 days to my door.

not in that big of a rush + I hate the fact of putting this on my Visa.

2. Send my unit in and when they receive it they will ship me a refurb unit. The warranty remaining is still in effect based on my original purchase date, and I'll receive a unit with low hours(less than 200) on the bulb.

Sounds great, takes about 7-8 business days to get one in my hands, and I gain some lamp hours

3. Send my unit in and they will fix and return

Takes longer and it comes back with the same hours on it. Good thing is I know how it has been treated.

I took #2, it seemed to make the most sense.

I got an RMA on Feb 15, at the time the unit was about a week under 1 year old and the unit was picked up at 9:30a.m. Feb 16th(the next morning).... great start!

The unit was received at 11:02 a.m. on Thursday the 17th at Benq in Toronto. I was told it would take around 5 business days to get on back in my hands.

I waited till Friday of the following week(7 full days at Benq) to call and check on the delay.

Talked to a woman that was unable to find ANYTHING about my unit. I gave her the Fed-ex # and she confirmed that it was there but the RMA wasn't in the system and it would have sat there until I called OR a manager dealt with(week or two??) She told me 5-7 days, I was unhappy but I left it at that, figuring it was now dealt with.

Monday Feb 28

Called early afternoon and Nobody knew anything about the unit. Once we figured out what was up the gentleman stated they(Benq in Toronto) don't have a 6100 available and (after about 10 minutes of silence) offered me a refurb 7100. I accepted this even though the lamplife was 1000 less I figured if I got a bulb with 100 hours(mine had 700) it would be about the same.. I was told of a new RMA # and left it at that.

Funny thing is, this is the date that Benq says is the NEW RMA date ....9 business days AFTER the initial RMA was set up!!


Called late afternoon, they knew of me and my new RMA#(yeeha!), but knew nothing about the change with a 7100. I was checking on shipping possibilities for that day. The gentleman said he'd call Toronto and check stock ... He never got back to me!!


Call at 1P.m. and I'm pissed off, explained the sitiuation and the gentleman stated "it's usually 3-5 days and the RMA is dated the 28th(Monday) AARRGHH!! This guy honestly believes that is the day I am to take as the RMA creation date!! Says he'll check into it, and I said I'll call in a few hours!

So it's been 16 days since the RMA creation date

15 calender days since it was picked up from me.

14 days since receipt by Benq .... 10 business days!!!

and I'm still without my projector.

If they think I'm going to take my unit back with 700 hours and after going through all this crap from Benq they are sadly mistaken it also wasn't the option I accepted. I am pushing for a reburb 6110, it's the least they can do

How can I deal with this any other way?? Nobody at Benq seems to go "above and beyond" to help out even though it's their fault it wasn't dealt with earlier.

In closing ... call the same day you send a unit for repair to confirm it's in the system.



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May 7, 1999
This appears to have been corrected today by the head of Technical support.

They are shipping me a new projector in the morning.

I will continue to support Benq.


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