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    Hello all! When I first started in on tweaking my 55HX70 a few months ago, I went wild on the 64-point convergence, neglecting the geometry settings completely.
    Hopefully someone here has answers to the following questions...
    1. Does changing the geometry service codes equal tweaking the service convergence manually?
    2. Is there a way to "reset" the 64-point convergence grid (not the user one) back to what it was originally?
    3. Also, relating to convergence, I've noticed that covergence is off on whites to the left and right of center on screen. This decreases over veiwing time, but never completely goes away. It is also more apparent on the left side of the screen. Any ideas?
    Thanks for any insight on these issues! [​IMG]
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    In answer to your questions...
    1. Usually the geometry service mode parameters (such as PARA, TRAP etc.) could be considered "course" adjustments. Also, bear in mind that technically geometry and convergence are completely separate. When you adjust some of those geometry parameters, convergence will be out of whack and will need adjustment. You use these adjustments to get the image centred properly and to get the corners as straight as possible etc..
    2. There is no way of resetting the 64-point convergence, so be careful.
    One option open to you is to get your hands on the grid templates from Toshiba. These are pieces of acetate that you place on your screen that actually have gridlines on them, to which you can align your service convergence grid. This is as close to a proper "reset" as you can get - since this grid comes from Toshiba, the spacing is accurately set.
    3. I've rarely seen any set with absolutely 100% perfect convergence. Often it comes down to compromise.
    I have noticed on many Toshiba sets I've worked on, that there can be a small convergence issue just to the left of centre. I often find the blue gun drifts ever so slightly to the left over time. Again, its about compromise.
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