serious subwoofer problem.....please help

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    Hi all and thanks in advance to all for your help,

    So i'm setting up my theater equipment. I have Oxiom M50ti fronts, M3ti for surround and rear surround and a VP150 center. My room is about 24'L x 18'W and has 9' foot ceilings. My receiver is a denon 2805. I hook it all up and it sounds pretty good but not as good as expected but maybe thats all adjustment related but i'll worrk on that later, anyway i went out and bought a Klipsch RSW-10 from The Good Guys and hooked it up. I start playing it and was immediately disappointed. I kept messing with it but it just seemed to be playing nice but sounding terrible if that makes sense. It wasnt like bottoming out or anything it just that i only heard and felt the bass if i was within a few feet away from the sub, if i went to the back of the room it was as if I almost had to sub, kinda faded in a way so i start thinking, my room is all wood panels with all surround speakers set in the collums, I have two 6" risers and plywood floors(til my carpet is installed). Can my room be effecting the bass from traveling? is it blocking it in any way or is it simply not the right subwoofer for that room?

    Here are the specs in case your not familiar with this sub.

    MAXIMUM ACOUSTIC OUTPUT: 109dB @ 30Hz 1/8 space, 1 meter
    ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass reflex via passive radiator
    AMPLIFIER: BASH® digital hybrid
    AMPLIFIER POWER: 1150 watts dynamic power / 500 watts continuous
    AUTO POWER ON: 2 second ON delay, 15 minute OFF delay
    LOW PASS CROSSOVER: Continuously variable from 40-120Hz, 36dB/octave slope above 120Hz
    INPUTS: 2) Line level RCA phono jacks, Lowpass Enable / Disable switch for LFE mode
    OUTPUTS: 2) Line level RCA phono jacks (unfiltered)
    PHASE: Switchable 0 or 180 degress
    DRIVE COMPONENTS: Subwoofer system using one 10" (25.4cm) rear-firing, aluminum cone woofer and one 10" (25.4cm) front-firing, aluminum cone passive radiator
    WOOFER: K-1112-T 10" (25.4cm) Cerametallic® cone, cast aluminum frame active / KD-105-T 10" (25.4cm) Cerametallic® cone, cast aluminum frame passive
    DIMENSIONS (H x W x D): 14.2" (36.1cm) x 13.6" (34.5cm) x 19.5" (49.5cm)
    WEIGHT: 45 lbs. (20.4kg)
    ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: Medium density fiberboard construction (MDF)
    FINISHES: Black ash vinyl veneer
    VOLTAGE: 110/120 VAC 60Hz
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    Well, definitely calibrate the entire system and see what you think then. Next, if you still need more bass, place the subwoofer in your seating position and crawl around the room to find where the bass sounds best. Place the sub wherever the bass sounds best. Calibrate again. If you still don't have enough bass it may be a case of simply not having enough subwoofer for your size room, or you may need to look into purchasing a parametric EQ or bass traps for the room to control nulls and peaks.

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