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Series II Advents to new HE 10s? (1 Viewer)

Allen Ross

Supporting Actor
Sep 30, 2002
My rents have a pair of the old Series II Advents. the cabs are in amazing condition, not a major scratch anywhere. The only thing is the tweets are blown and the surrounds are toast. I know theres a big following for old advents but I think its time to upgrade the components.

So I have been thinking of what i could do with them, i was initailly thinking of going with cheap dayton parts but i want something a bit more high end. I am esitmating the cab right arind 1.6 cuft, or 47 liters, so I have the internal space for the HE10 as they only require 29 liters. I could prob tune them a bit lower.

My only concern would be how would the cross over deal with the recessed baffle of the advent, or if it will even factor into it. I am not sure what the dimensions are of the advent driver, but if need be i am sure that i could redo the entire baffle with proper placement of the HE10, I would bring it up so that it would be more at ear level, and move the port down below.

So what do you guys think about this type of project, I bet it would only take me a weekend and my dad would have some kicking speakers again.

below is a pic of the same models that my rents have to give you some ideas.

Michael R Price

Jul 22, 2001
You could sell them (whether or not you try to repair those easily repairable defects) and build new speakers from scratch. I don't think it's worth trying to squish another design into those cabinets. The Advents are actually pretty good sounding and if you repair them you could keep them as a nice fun 2nd pair of speakers.

Andy Goldstein

Stunt Coordinator
May 6, 2003
pick up a pair of advent tweeters on ebay, and while you're at it, snag a set of surrounds on there for 20 bux. your total cost should be under 50 bux, and you can't beat the sound for hundreds more. trust me (see sig)


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