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Series 7: The Contenders

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Ches Campbell, Feb 20, 2002.

  1. Ches Campbell

    Ches Campbell Stunt Coordinator

    Nov 9, 2001
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    So what'd y'all think of this movie? I liked it for the most part. The concept was cool and I liked the filming of it and how they thought of everyting a reality show has. I just didn't really like the story about Dawn and Jeff's relationship. The coolest part to me was at the end when Jeff wakes up at the hospital and just says "Oh Shit!"
    and then the movie ends. I would definately recommend seeing it.
    Any opinions?
  2. Edwin Pereyra

    Edwin Pereyra Producer

    Oct 26, 1998
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    I really don't know whether to like or dislike this film. On one end it is cleverly acted and its biting satire is perfect for the subject it is trying to mock.
    On the other hand, its 86-minute running time may be a little bit long and the dark comedy somewhat wears off sometime at the halfway point.
    Since I never watched reality based shows to begin with the film can come across as totally ridiculous. But to those who have seen the shows, it may actually mean something else.
    Still, I would give it a mild recommendation with an advice that if you feel you have seen enough, feel free to turn it off as the film never really gets better and you would not have missed much. At least you can say, you sampled it much like a TV series where you can just stop watching it if you've had enough. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. Seth Paxton

    Seth Paxton Lead Actor

    Nov 5, 1998
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    Of the small, indy films with their cheap lighting and grainy, hand-held styles this was one of my favorites. It lacks the refinement of a picture with more money and professional involvement but much like Blair Witch it makes the most out of it's smaller budget with story and technique.

    In other words, it does have shortcomings but I don't think it's weak considering what it is. I saw it at the theater last year and would recommend it to everyone as a rental. I can understand why some people would even buy it.

    I think it works much better at taking on the same issues as The Running Man tried to explore.

    And really, how many steps away from The Contenders are shows like Fear Factor and Temptation Island. Emotionally, not much.
  4. Michael Reuben

    Michael Reuben Studio Mogul

    Feb 12, 1998
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    Aw, c'mon, Edwin, it's worth staying for the ending, which is one of the best parts (as Ches points out). It's interesting to compare it to the ending as originally shot, which isn't nearly as good.


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