Sergio Sollima Western box available in Germany (inc. Face to Face with English subs)

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    Available at (click for details)


    La Resa dei Conti / The Big Gundown (1966) IMDb
    - 2.35:1 anamorphic (dual-layer)
    - Italian mono
    - German mono
    - German subtitles

    Faccia a Faccia / Face to Face (1967) IMDb
    - 2.35:1 anamorphic (dual-layer)
    - Italian mono
    - German mono
    - German subtitles

    Corri, Uomo, Corri! / Run, Man, Run! (1968) IMDb
    - 2.35:1 anamorphic (dual-layer)
    - Italian mono
    - German mono
    - German subtitles

    4th Disc:

    • Animated menu, chapter selections
    • Trailer
    • Documentary on Sergio Sollima (56 min*)
    • Picture gallery
    • Turning places (5 min) ???
    • Super-8-Footage of Face to Face (33 min)
    (*) Italian with optional sub-titles

    Also included:
    Italian Western Encyclopedia (252 pages, Hardcover)


    This is very roughly (!) what the review says:

    The Big Gundown
    "The transfer shows partly clear noise. Fortunately
    one saved oneself however with noise filters, so
    that any motionless shots are not badly noticeable.
    The image definition throughout is pleasant and
    drops rarely once. The colors are strong. The
    picture is now and then slightly overexposed. The
    transfer is accompanied by a multiplicity at defects.
    Usually they are very small and only rarely once
    large and disturbing.

    The German soundtrack is often quite dull and it has some distortions."
    [No mention of the Italian track? Cheers, guys.]

    Face to Face
    "Compared to the first film there are only a minimum of improvements.

    Also the soundtrack is only negligibly better than the first film."

    Run, Man, Run!
    "The third film offers, altogether, the best picture.
    The transfer contains fewer noises and defects,
    and the image definition is somewhat better.

    No difference to the results on the second film."

    Overall conclusion: "The box offers three films with
    tidy image quality, but with weaknesses with the
    sound. The extras are extensive, do not good
    enough however to lift the total valuation to four points."

    It sounds to me that the anamorphic transfers are good,
    but not great, but as this is the first time that
    The Big Gundown and Face to Face
    have been available on home video in 2.35:1
    with the original Italian soundtrack and English subtitles.
    DVD-Inside are often super-critical about picture and
    sound and expect way too much from older films, I feel.
    The Amazon reviews indicate that it is a winner.

    Does the documentary on Sergio Sollima contain
    German and English subtitles, though?
    And I take it that the hardback book is in German?

    Does anyone own this set? A confirmation on the English
    subs would be most appreciated, as would comments
    on the films, transfers and Italian soundtracks on each film.

    Incidentally, Blue Underground released an excellent edition
    of Run, Man, Run! that also contains the legendary 1968 documentary, Westerns Italian Style: Review

    It's a pity that the film aren't available seperately, as I only
    really want The Big Gundown and Face to Face,
    but I may just go for this if I hear positive feedback. These
    are great Spaghetti Westerns that are up there with Leone's best.
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    I'm thinking of picking this up, though I already own Run Man Run.

    Pity you never got feedback. Did you ever pick this up? The only reason I hesitate on this is I'm not crazy about the prospect of hearing Lee Van Cleef dubbed in Italian on The Big Gundown, though the benifit is that it's the original cut.
  3. Mark_Wilson

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    Thanks for bumping this post, missed it the first time. Please let us know your opinions of the PQ if you get it. I have/had the R2J dvd of Face to Face, not that good looking.
  4. R-T-C Tim

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    I have hesitated on buying this set because of the cost (obviously the book is worth a lot and my primitive German will make it rather worthless), plus I also have Run, Man, Run on the BU disc.

    I have heard that Koch Media are planning to release the films as single disc releases sometime this year, so I'm waiting and hoping for that.
  5. Michael DenBoer

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    This set is totally worth it and the book of Spaghetti Western titles is a solid resource guide. Now if only the English dubs where included then this set would have been perfect.

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