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    I'm very new to hometheater and am planning/budgeting for hometheater components for my new house. I was hoping someone could explain (or point me in the right direction) the basics of separate components (all I know or have seen are the usual a/v receivers). Sorry about the basic question but I'm starting from the ground level [​IMG]
    Thanks for your help!!
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    I'm not sure how "basic" you meant...
    "Separate" generally means that the preamp/surround-sound-processor (sometimes called a "surround preamp") is separate from the amplifier(s) (sometimes called a "power amplifier"), and this gives the biggest improvement. It is possible to get the surround processor as a separate unit, but that is probably going too far.
    There are lots of surround preamps. Go to any shopping site, such as, get into the audio products, and you will see a preamp section.
    You can get a 5 or 6 channel power amplifier, or use 3 two-channel amplifiers, or individual mono amplifiers, depending on how ambitious you are.
    Sometimes people keep their a/v receiver as their surround preamp and connect its preamp outputs to a separate power amplifier.

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