Sena Keyboard Folio for the iPad (2nd and 3rd Generation) REVIEW

Discussion in 'Apple' started by Ronald Epstein, Mar 30, 2012.

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    SENA Keyboard Folio for the iPad

    reviewed by Ronald Epstein

    March, 2012

    For all the great experiences the iPad provides for it users, I never felt that "typing" was one of them. In fact, being an experienced typist who can easily type hundreds of words quickly without ever looking at the keyboard, I find that doing the same thing on the iPad screen to be a huge step backwards. I go from using two hands to one, reducing my overall productive speed by more than half.


    (Click on photo for larger picture)

    Another problem with typing on the iPad is that the keyboard takes up half the real estate of the screen. And, if that wasn't enough, you can be assured that when you are done typing your document, there will be hundreds of fingerprints left behind to remind you of it.

    I absolutely knew that with the purchase of my 3rd generation iPad, that I would have to also look for a case with integrated bluetooth keyboard. Though these cases absolutely add bulk and weight to an otherwise lightweight, low-profile device, I think the trade-off is that one gets the ability to turn the iPad into a netbook device.

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    scan...scan..scan...looking at pictures...

    Drats, nothing for rotating between Portrait and Landscape. Keeping an eye out for a new case for my wife.

    Thanks. It tells me this is not the case for her. :)

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