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Semi-beginner here - need some advice on which DVD player to get (1 Viewer)

Joe Tapper

May 1, 2002
I'm looking for a DVD player for ~$200. I don't really need progressive scan, so I have been looking at the Sony DVP-NS400D and the Panasonic DVD-RA60. Right now I'm leaning towards the Sony. What are everyone's opinions on these? Are they any good? Are there any others for me to look at as well?

Thank you very much for any help. It is appreciated


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 21, 2001
seems like most people in this price range think of pannys or toshibas. Unless they are into tweaking and being 'region free' then they start talking about apex and daewoo. anyhow check out the Audio/Video Sources section of the forum that's where you'll get the answers to this sort of question. might want to do a search, as there are plenty of past threads on this topic.

Marc Rochkind

Second Unit
Aug 26, 2000
This price range represents the center of the market right now, with many, many choices. I'd start by making a list of features, mainly disc formats and media types. For formats, consider DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, SACD, VCD, SVCD, MP3, and Audio CD. For media types, consider pressed CD (they all play them), pressed DVD-Video (they all play them), CD-R, CD-RW, SACD, and the various types of home-made DVDs, if that matters to you.

For each feature, mark it as "essential," "desirable," or "will never use."

Once you have this list, the choices will be narrowed considerably.

Then, I would stick to the major manufacturers (e.g., Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic), as they all have players in this range.

Now your list should have only a half-dozen or so models on it. At that point, just go for the best price.

Ted Lee

Senior HTF Member
May 8, 2001
i've got a sony dvd player and really like it. from what i've read, sony's do a real good job of what (i think) is called "in letterboxing" - provides for a nice picture.

the only thing i don't like about it is i think it's mechanically noisy. you can really hear the thing when it's accessing menus, etc. during normal play it's quiet though.

take ten's advice too - do a search. use values like: recommend, dvd, 200, etc. you should find many many hits.

Martin G

Second Unit
Jul 19, 2001
I have a pioneer DV-C503 that I would recommend. I had a sony DVP-D560 model and I really liked it, but the pioneer had the ability to play cd-r's and it sounded better playing cd's. One problem that the pioneer has is the FF and RW only go one speed and it is a little faster then I would like it to be. The sony did some funny things with subtitles, but I think that was fixed in the model that replaced the sony I had. The pioneer also has the advantage of being a 5 disk player.

Over all I would recommend a pioneer if you plan to use it to play cd's as well. If you only want the player to play DVDs go with a sony or a panny.

John Garcia

Senior HTF Member
Jun 24, 1999
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I also have a DVP-560, and it does a great job for DVD movies and DD/DTS CDs, but an average job for regular CDs. The newer models, the NS400 and above all play CDR/W so that's not an issue these days. The NS400 is quite a good player for the price, but so is tha Panny. I have an older A300U Panny, and it does a very good job at music as well as movies. I picked up an NS300 for $97 brand new, open box, and I was actually quite impressed with it. I would probably say one of the two you mentioned would be my choice in that price range.

check out audioreview.com for specific reviews of each.

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