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Jun 30, 2001
I have decided to sell a part of my collection so that I can upgrade my system. All of these movies will be ebayed in about a month if they don't sell. I will accept payment by Paypal and shipping will be $3.00 per disk anywhere in North America.
All DVD's are in mint condition and I expect the same in return.
Sealed Titles:
Hard Boiled:CC (sealed)-$125.00
Sid & Nancy:CC (sealed)- $100.00
This is Spinal Tap:CC (sealed)- $150.00
Spartacus:CC (sealed)-$35.00 pending
Insomnia:CC (sealed)-$25.00
Element of Crime:CC (sealed)-$35.00
Beastie Boys Anthology:CC (sealed)-$25.00
Kwaidan:CC (sealed)-$25.00
Black Narcissus:CC (sealed)-$35.00
Rushmore:CC (sealed)-$30.00
Third Man:CC (sealed but you can hear disc loose inside)-$30.00
The Rock:CC (sealed)-$35.00
Time Bandits:CC (sealed)-$35.00
Last Temptation of Christ:CC (sealed)-$35.00
Akira Kurosawa's Dreams VCD(sealed)-$10.00
Basquiat VCD (sealed)-$10.00
Open Copies:
Seven Samurai:CC- OOP 1st pressing w/ commentary $125.00
Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie:CC- $30.00
Samurai 1:CC
Samurai 2:CC - $75.00 for the set pending
Samurai 3:CC
The Rock:CC-$30.00
Picnic at Hanging Rock:CC-$25.00
La Dolce Vita- Region 2 NTSC (note in Italian w/ Japanese subs only)- $50.00
Raging Bull-$15.00
My only Wants:
400 Blows:CC (sealed)
Basquiat- Region 2 NTSC Japan (keepcase)
Belle de Jour- Region NTSC 2 Japan (keepcase)
Golden Balls-Region 2
Chunging Express- Region 2

Books available:($5.00 for shipping)
Hardcover edition of Peter Biskinds fascinating book:
Easy Riders/ Raging Bulls which deals with filmaking in the 70's and has fascinating insights into movies such as Apocalypse Now, Bonnie & Clyde and others. - $15.00
Anne Rice Hardcovers:
Queen of the Damned- Hardcover Brand New-$20.00
Tale of the Body Thief- Hardcover Bargain Copy-$10.00
Memnock the Devil- Hardcover Brand New-$20.00
Vampire Armand- Hardcover Brand New-$20.00
Rock This by Chris Rock Hardcover-$5.00
Primary Colors by Anonymous- Hardcover-$5.00
A Man In Full by Tom Wolfe- Hardcover-$10.00
Hannibal by Thomas Harris- Hardcover-$15.00
Apocalypse Wow by James Fynn Garner- Hardcover-$15.00
Miss America by Howard Stern- Hardcover-$10.00
I also have the following brand new Simpson's Playmates Playsets: ($7.00 for shipping)
Apu: Kwik-E-Mart Environment -$40.00
Homer: Power Plant Environment-$40.00
Thanks for looking and feel free to email any offers to [email protected] . Also, I am a Canadian trader and I have over 50 positive feedbacks on Ebay and a +3 on the Good Trader's List. I ship all packages by air and they usually take 10-12 days to arrive.
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