Seems to be official: James Cameron will direct AVATAR 2 and 3 for Fox

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Ronald Epstein, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Ronald Epstein

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    Ronald Epstein
    Here is the article.

    I seem to be a little torn with this news.

    I have the greatest admiration for James Cameron.

    He is certainly one of my favorite directors (if not my favorite).

    He has proven that anything he touches turns into

    Box-Office gold.

    Was AVATAR a great movie? Not in my opinion.
    I believe that most of the hype and success surrounding

    the film was due to it being in 3D (and very good 3D at that).

    In my opinion Cameron should have let someone else

    write that movie. It's also very much a premise we have

    seen before (Dances with Wolves and Pocahontas come
    to immediate mind).

    I do believe that by the time these new films arrive the

    astonishment of 3D will have diminished considerably.

    For that reason, the film will have to succeed on originality

    and other elements that draw us into the story other than

    the 3D.

    I wish Cameron the best with these films. If anyone
    can pull them off a second and third time it is he.
  2. Jose Martinez

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    Dec 18, 2003
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    Woo Hoo! I'll be first in line come 2014 and 2015. As much as I am looking forward to Tron Legacy, I think Cameron is the only one who can truly deliver a 3D experience on the big screen.
  3. TerryRL

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    Given that Peter Jackson is said to have gotten WB to pony up a budget of $670 million for his two upcoming 'Hobbit' movies. I can only imagine how much coin Fox has committed for 'Avatar' 2 & 3, especially since Cameron will no doubt want to deliver something even more audacious than the previous movie.
  4. mattCR

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    What, Smellovision?

  5. Aaron Silverman

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    Aaron Silverman
    I wouldn't put it past him.
  6. Jason Charlton

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    Jason Charlton
    I think there's a big difference between what Cameron can do versus what he will do. Let's face it - he can do whatever the hell he wants and the studios will pay it. However, he's already gone on record saying that a sizeable chunk of the first film's budget included the development of the technology used to create the film.

    They don't have to reinvent the wheel for the second and third films, so there would be some economies of scale involved (he even said as much in an extensive interview he gave to the XM Cinemagic station last year).

    Yes, one can expect the technologies to "evolve" slightly from the first film, but not to the degree that would warrant a budget increase of $100 million or more per film.

    Besides, the "novelty" of what made Avatar so special will have worn off by 2014, so even though the sequels will make huge amounts of money, I can't see them matching the cultural pheonomenon that the first one became.

    All that being said, IMO, when it comes to Cameron vs. Jackson, Cameron is without a doubt the director to whom I'd rather hand over my $335 million.
  7. Edwin-S

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    Yeah. All the themes in Avatar were in Battle for Terra first. I actually think BfT did it better in a lot of respects. BfT was actually bigger in scope because of the themes of genocide and biocide on a planetary scale. One of the things that brought that film down was that the makers copped out with a happy ending.

    Edit: In order to be more on topic, I should add that it will be interesting to see if Cameron can actually come with something more original in the next two installments; however, I'd rather see him do something else before tackling the world of Pandora again.

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