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Seeking Best Reference Quality SACDs (1 Viewer)

Jeff PB

Mar 26, 2002
I have been enjoying a number of SACDs since acquiring my 555es a month or so ago, and generally consider the SACDs better than redbook in quality. Although, some of the better recorded CDs I think one may be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

At any rate, my main issue thus far is nothing I have heard via SACD compares to the audio quality I get playing DVD-A, and particularly, Steely Dan's "Two Against Nature". That disk sounds as good as anything I have ever heard through my system, I could not imagine or recall vinyl being any better. My DVD player is the RP91. In contrast, the SACDs in my collection, while varying in quality, still retain some degree of that digital sound.

I am a fan of both formats because I think they are an improvement and certainly a step in the right direction, and I realize that much of this may have to do with the recording quality and engineering of the individual album vs. the format itself. Thus, before I pass any lasting judgements, I would like your thoughts and recommendations regarding the highest quality engineered SACDs. I would like to buy a couple, so I could do a better comparison. Perhaps some that were direct DSD would better demonstrate the full capabilities?



Senior HTF Member
Mar 28, 2000
Jeff, I agree that the Two Against Nature DVD-Audio disc is excellent. It ranks right up there with one of the best-sounding recordings I have ever heard in my home. As for SACD, here are a few of my favorites for "reference-quality" sound:
Rebecca Pidgeon The Raven (Chesky Records)
Chris Botti Night Sessions (Sony)
Keb' Mo' The Door (Sony)
Alison Krauss Forget About It (Rounder Records)
Sacred Feast Gaudeamus (Telarc, DSD recording)
James Taylor Hourglass (Sony)
Some of the smaller record labels are releasing SACDs based on DSD recordings. Telarc is one of them. I believe Opus 3 is another one. Blues artists such as Honeyboy Edwards and Eric Bibb I believe have DSD recordings out on SACD. You might want to post a question on this subject on the Hi-Rez Highway board on www.audioasylum.com , as some of the folks there should be able to point you to DSD recordings from the smaller labels.

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